The circle of death.


Seeing as alot of my friends, family, readers and associates have foggy (at best) conceptions of what is really going on between IDF and Palestinians, I want to throw a couple of informational videos up to show the brutality and genocidal nature of the Israeli attacks in Gaza and the West Bank.

While I would like each of you to watch the videos under the cut, please know that some of these are very graphic.

Watch, learn, and go do research for yourself. As LeVar Burton says, don’t take my word for it.

Does it disgust you? Do something about it. Start a dialogue. Talk with other who may not know what is going on.

~ by skipjenkins on January 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “The circle of death.”

  1. Sorry, wont take BBC news word for it either.

    • Yeah, but you don’t take anyone’s word for anything. You could get a good look at a steer by sticking your head up his ass, but I would rather take the butcher’s word for it.

  2. You are not the first democrat to tell me how fucked up Isreal is and then attempt to show me “proof” on youtube. I dont acually have an opinion on the matter at all, I just think its funny how much people rely on the internet and the news to form an opinion and then try to convince others based on the “facts.” But ya, I wouldnt try to say one way or the other without living in both Isreal and Palistine myself and thats not going to happen.

    • I show proof of nothing, I’m simply showing what I think is an accurate accessment of the situation and hopefully raising awareness. Besides, what do you think is a better source of news that the internet and it’s varied sources?

      The Sacramento Bee?

  3. I think an accurate source of information is my eyes, ears, nose and touch and sometimes not even then. But you can have your opinion, the only reason I posted at all was your line about
    “Seeing as alot of my friends, family, readers and associates have foggy (at best) conceptions of what is really going on”

    Everyone can read stories in newspapers and watch edited youtube clips, and anyone can believe whatever they read, but when politics and ideology are involved I tend to be more sceptical.

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