It’s this kind of thing that make me want to own a (legal and registered) handgun.


Plainclothes “Law Enforcement Officers” in Galveston mistook a 12-year-old black girl playing on her front lawn for an adult white prostitute for whom they had an arrest warrant and without identifying themselves grabbed the girl, called her a “whore” and assaulted her, in the process giving her black eyes as well as larynx and ear drum injuries.

Rather than admitting that a mistake was made, the LEOs then went to the girl’s school, where she was an honor student and arrested her for resisting (false) arrest and assaulting a public servant.

The presiding judge then declared a mistrial on the first day (a case of the fox protecting the henhouse if there ever was one). Lets see if we can figure out where the LEOs went wrong.

1) Failure to appropriatly identify themselves as police officers.
2)Failure to verify the address prior to initiating entry.
3) Failure to know details of the “subject(s) they were looking for.
4) Upon discovery they were at the wrong address, failure to release those in custody (aka False Imprisionment)
5) Witness intimidation along with False Arrest for the second arrest for allegedly “assaulting police”.

In case any of you threw up in your mouth a little bit like I did, and want to do something about it, here is some handy contact information.

The piece of shit lawyer defending the LEOs:
1200 Smith Street
14th Floor
Houston, TX 77002-4310
TEL: 713.654.9630
FAX: 713.658.2553

The Chief of Police for Galveston:
Chief Wiley
TEL: 409-765-3790

And the names of the LEOs themselves as listed in  CIVIL ACTION NO. 08-193

In the words of Atmosphere – “If I see you as a threat to my seedling or my sibling I will die to pull the plug on your machine.”

Or in the words of NWA – “Fuck the Police”

~ by skipjenkins on December 19, 2008.

18 Responses to “It’s this kind of thing that make me want to own a (legal and registered) handgun.”

  1. Hey they finally arrested that train cop who shot the guy in the back in the Bay

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