I’ve got a serious question I need help on…

Dear readers,

I need help sorting this out….very upset..
I have never asked for this type of help before, but I really need your advice.

I have suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me.
The usual signs; phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up. My
wife has been going out with ‘the girls’ a lot recently although when I
ask their names she always says, “just some friends from work, you don’t
know them.”

I try to stay awake and look out for her when she comes home, but I
usually fall asleep. Anyway, I have never broached the subject with my
wife. I think deep down I just did not want to know the truth, but last
night she went out again and I decided to finally check on her.

Around midnight, I hid in the garage behind my LX150 so I could get
a good view of the whole area when she arrived home from a night out
with ‘the girls.’

When she got out of the car she was buttoning up her blouse, which was
open, and she took her panties out of her purse and slipped them on.
It was at this moment, crouching behind my Vespa, that I noticed the “LX 150” badge on the rear right cowl is gone.

The Vespa was brand new in July 08, do you think this is still covered under warranty?

[edit: After a couple very kind emails, I feel that I should state that my wife is not actually cheating on me, nor do I suspect she is. It’s just a joke. Ha ha. Funny, get it?]

[2nd edit: Also, I want to give credit to jwhcowan at modernvespa because I shameless stole his joke.]

~ by skipjenkins on January 9, 2009.

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