RIP Quint

All men inevitably compare themselves against other men. It’s a fact of life. And while we might all think that of course we are cooler than any of our friends, there are those guys that are just so supremely bad-ass that no matter how much we force cognative dissonance, we know deep down in our heart that we just dont match up.

Frank Mundus was one of those guys. Not only was he the real-life inspiration for Quint, the speargun-shooting, beer-drinking yin to Chief Brody’s yang, he also caught the world’s largest Carcharodon carcharias (thats a Great White Shark to you and I) at 3,427 pounds. Do the math, thats like 10 of your ex-girlfriends rolled into one fleshy, man killing beast.

There is no way I will ever be that bad-ass. And if I can’t, you dont stand a snowball’s chance in hell. RIP Frank.

~ by skipjenkins on September 15, 2008.

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