I thought this weekend would never come :)

After weeks of waiting broken only by Euro 2008, the start of the 2008/2009 Premier League season is finally here. I plan to spend the majority of the weekend in front of the telly. My predictions for the season…

  • Manchester United will come in 1st come the end of the season after an ulcer inducing spot of trouble around 3/4 of the season in.
  • Manchester United will also help themselves to another treble this year.
  • Chelsea will do pretty well but fuck it all up.
  • Berbatov will come to United, but get all butt hurt at some point and leave during the mid season transfer window for more than was paid for him.
  • In his final season at United, Ronaldo will score 52 goals before going to Barca.
  • Arsenal sucks. I mean seriously, Arsene always looks like someone just toe-kicked him in the prostate.

You feel differently, leave a comment.

~ by skipjenkins on August 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “I thought this weekend would never come :)”

  1. I don’t follow footy like I used to, but you’re probably right with that list and especially Chelsea, Arsenal can perform well when they want to… it’s just that they don’t seem to want to most of the time.

    Quick sidenote: sorry about not responding to you in SL last night, I was getting down and dirty with mah girl and I get this IM – ‘hey, it’s Skip’ and I’m like noooo, not now man! We had been playing Rock Band for about 3 hours previously and.. well… we jump on SL to wind down and get ‘naughty’ lol.

  2. Well, after the US made a craptacular effort @ the Olympics….Messi just made a great assist to put Argentina in the Oly. Semis…the Red Devils will win EPL & Champions…Rooney will be key…Screw Arsenal sans Adebayor, Cesc Fabregas, and Van Persie cuz their real…I got a black t-shirt with MAN U on it…Im wearing it out all the time..methinks it times to try my endeavors in the great game…bought a soccer ball at Wal-Mart $5 it is an El Tri ball so me and my boy named it Mel Xico…funny i know…US MNT needs some speed and touch on their side…props to Adu, Kliestjen, none for McBride…where was Jozy? Bradley? Wynne is raw?


  3. Christiano Ronaldo is not only the best footballer in the world, he is a pimp!
    In his visit stateside where he was injured and making his Hollywood rounds he did the thinkable…Diss Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad from “The Hills”. Paris was all about Ronaldo yet he gave her the red card actually he didnt even pay attention. When LC from The Hills wanted a picture, he turned his back on her and asked his friend who the hell is she. Lauren was Mortified! He does not know who I am how could he treat me that way?

    Cuz u suck! Granted, Ronaldo likes American girls, blondes too, but its GREAT how he disses these Hollywood chix. Bitches, u cant fuck with RONALDO! You dont even register in the book. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cristiano Ronaldo aka a muthafukin “G”

    Tropic Thunder

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