Let me see Ronaldo do this…

Okay, let me start off by saying that I realize I’ve been going really heavy on the football/soccer posts lately, but skipjenkins.com is really just whatever has been running through my head lately, and with the end of the Premier League, Champions League and the Euros, theres been alot of football lately. I’ll get some more tits and robots and geekery in soon.

That said, I’m really sick of all the “Ronaldo told me he’s moving (or not)” stories going around right now. So far we have heard everyone’s perspective from his current assistant coach Carlos Queiroz (dont go) to his grandmother (go) and he needs to just sack up and say he wants the gaffer to let him out of the second year of a four year contract. Of course he doesnt want to because that would make him sound like what I’m really starting to think he is… a spoiled brat. He’s fucking great, I’ll give him that, but 1 goal in Euros? Where was his blistering footwork? Could it be that without talented midfielders and strikers around him setting him up, he simply isnt as effective?

Fuck it, let him go. Fergie’s “best team ever” will do just fine. The silverware will come.

Sorry, I’m done ranting.

This guy on the other hand, is resourceful as fuck.

~ by skipjenkins on June 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Let me see Ronaldo do this…”

  1. Now that soccer is winding down for awhile, It would be nice time to enjoy some of the highlghts some of the highlights of being a new dad. It must be a far-out time in your life. Their’s really nothing to compare to having an absolutely perfect person who adores you and needs you. You have an unbelievably strong power to encourage your perfect person in so many of the ways she looks at the world and the tools she has at her disposal to grow to be happy, enthusiastic, energetic, kind, caring for others, a sense of being able to do anything in the world she wants. the drive to pursue what grabs her imagination. In short the skill/will to be happy when she’s ninety.

    She couldn’t have a better teacher, Love.Momma

  2. I check all the moon master affiliates blogs but ignore these categories: a) sports ( I have always hated all sports but japanese auto racing i.e. togue, d1 etc) b) video game systems I don’t own / will never have the money or prioritization to own (PS3’s and 360’s including the game franchises i don’t know already) and c) posts about tv shows I SHOULD be watching ( I watch what I want).

    These are my rules to reading internet blogs it keeps me from dying of boredom.

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