Can anyone tell me…

I want to know if any of you out there know who this guy is. You are probably familiar with his body of work, and he has done VO work for a character that 90% of you know by first and last name.

I’ve got a prize for anyone who can leave a comment with the answer.

Also, as a completely unrelated side note… Beardy from the Love Monkeys: I saw you flip me off as we were leaving the game yesterday. I think youre a douche, but I dont have a personal problem with you. We can go get a beer and talk this over and get a friendly rivalry going since we are both going to be playing at EAS for quite a while probably or we can kick the shit out of each other in the parking lot next thursday. My preference is the first option, but I’m open to the second too. Your call…

~ by skipjenkins on May 23, 2008.

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