Grab an axe.

The life cycle of an online browser game (a’ la Nukezone, Travian, etc.), for me at least, is usually about a year if it has enough depth (as well as a subject matter and setting) to interest me, and about a week if it doesn’t. About a week ago I decided that I was truly bored with Nukezone and decided to start browsing around for another web based diversion. What I found seemed almost hand picked for me. Zombies + sporadic gameplay + lots of charts and maps to pour over and scrutinize? I’m in. Throw in the fact that it doesnt use java or flash so I can pull it up on my blackberry? I’m addicted.

Like I said, I’m just past the week-playing point, but I can already tell that I’m probably into this one for a while. Basic gameplay consists of moving building-to-building and block-to-block looking for supplies and buildings that have been fortified and equipped with luxuries such as power, and a door on its hinges. Through part-of-play actions such as doing damage to zombies (‘zeds’), giving first aid to fellow survivors and tagging messages to others on buildings, you gain XP that can be spent towards weapon skills (including pistols, shotguns and melee weapons), survival skills such as freerunning and supply detection, and even medical and necromedical. If necromedical wasn’t a word before, it is now.

For a text browser game, the size of the playmap is quite impressive (the above map is just one neighborhood in 100). The survivor community bands together in an ad-hoc, duct-tape kind of way, spraying directions to a safe place to stay or to a field hospital with doctors and medicine (if you are lucky). In true zed fashion, the zombies (who are player characters that were once living survivors but got infected) mass together through their rudimentary grunts and form mobs roaming the city looking for the unlucky survivor that strayed a bit too far from their safe house and gets caught outside after dark.

Fast action it’s not, but for a long-term think your moves out kind of game, you can’t get much better than this.

Urban Dead Website * Urban Dead Wiki

~ by skipjenkins on May 13, 2008.

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