The Skip Jenkins Show – Episode 19

I am pleased to announce that the triumphant return of The Skip Jenkins Show (aka episode 19) is in the can! Unfortunately, shortly after I finished uploading it, both my g5 and my frankenpc crashed hard deaths, so I haven’t gotten a chance to get an RSS feed going, nor am I able to access my show notes.

In the meantime, feel free to download Episode 19 in .mp3 format here. I was joined by panelists Jim, The Spinylumpfish and Jake of The Hado Kings! Off the top of my head, we talked about Elmo’s father being sent to Iraq, the death of Gary Gygax (RIP), the MPAA’s record profits, a Marry, Bang, Kill, the games that defined us as gamers, if it’s possible to electrocute your brain with a 9 volt battery and we played the first round of The Game. We also heard a promo for The Hado Kings!

I have a new Dell coming shortly, so hopefully our recording schedule won’t be jacked up too bad!

I would love to hear any feedback you guys have!

~ by skipjenkins on March 18, 2008.

One Response to “The Skip Jenkins Show – Episode 19”

  1. […] moment, I’m listening to Skip Jenkins’ returning show of which you can find out details on his blog. I don’t normally listen to podcasts and it’s actually the first ever […]

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