Holy Cat Cleavage!

While tooling around the ComicBookDB.com, trying to find out what books I’ve missed since diapers and educational toys and more books than Stanford were the priority and not new floppies of The Walking Dead, I came across this entry for Catwoman #51.

Their Synopsis:

“Reeling from Zatanna’s revelation last issue, Catwoman breaks into the Wayne Mansion searching for his take on the JLA’s actions. Holly and Karon are suprised by a familiar face – Slam Bradley is back in town. And just who exactly has the Black Mask captured and tortured in order to hurt Selina Kyle?”


Now, the most interesting thing about this issue is nothing inside the book, so the synopsis is a red herring, but take a good long look at that cover and check under the cut if you think you’ve figured it out.

Granted, you have to be a Lost fan for this to get you off I think, but if you do get the reference, the implications will blow your freakin’ mind, man! The numbers across her chest. You might not have noticed there are numbers on a plate across her chest just south of her huge latex-enhanced rack, but indeed there are. Those numbers are Hurley’s cursed numbers.

Is your mind blown yet?

~ by skipjenkins on February 13, 2008.

7 Responses to “Holy Cat Cleavage!”

  1. As soon as I enlarged the photo, those numbers jumped out at me. As did her huge rack. When was this printed?

  2. This was printed in 2006. I thought for a minute when I found it that it was printed in 2004, which is when the series started, and began to shit myself before I realized it wasn’t.

    Whats your thoughts on season 4 so far?

  3. I think Season 4 is shaping up to be the best so far. I like how they have sped up the backstories of the 4 recuers, or flashforwards, whichever it is.

    I am loving it and so happy the strike is over too!

  4. Yeah, I’m liking the character progression, but I’m still not sure I understand if their 4 backstories in that episode were flash forwards, as would be consistant with the rest of the flashforwards this season, or flashbacks.

    I wonder how many more episodes we will get tacked onto the 8?

  5. Yeah, I am not sure if they are flash backs or forwards yet either.

    I read that they will condense the remaining eight into 5.

  6. I have to admit that I didn’t notice the numbers until they were pointed out. Ah, I’m such a guy. Still pretty strange. Homage, anyone?

  7. I was kinda wondering that too. It’s so stylized that I imagine it must be an homage.

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