Marry, Bang, Kill #9

Since I’m barely able to contain my excitement over the 4th season premier of Lost -short as it may be-, I decided to go with yet another Lost theme this time. Your choices for the ninth iteration of the game are…

  • Kiele Sanchez, whose 8 episode run as the ill-fated Nikki Fernandez (remember her?) taught us that even the best-crafted show on TV can occasionally jump the shark.


  • Brittany Perrineau, wife of everyone’s favorite double-crossing killer-off of hot talent on the island, Harold Perrineau (Michael). You may be saying to yourself that she shouldn’t be included in the choices because humping Michael doesn’t actually equate to being on Lost. You apparently don’t know that she actually appeared on Lost in 2005 as the Lotto Girl that announced Hurley’s winnings.


And since it just wouldn’t be right not to share Ms. Bowen’s nipple slip, here ya go. Leave a comment with your choices!


~ by skipjenkins on January 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Marry, Bang, Kill #9”

  1. Mary – Julie Bowen, she seems down to earth, is hot and has a sexy voice. Marrying her would equate to repeated bangings.

    Bang – Kiele Sanchez – yeah she was annoying on the show, but she is one hot little number.

    Kill – Brittany Perrineau – had no clue who she was, she is pretty, but takes a back seat to the other two, so I would kill her.

  2. If only I watched lost and knew who any of these women were.

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