State of the Island

We are only weeks away from the Lost season 4 premier, and even though its been what seems like years since we saw bearded, crazy-eye Jack screaming at Kate that they have to go back, I’m giddy as a schoolgirl.

To get the rest of you guys in the mood, I’ve assembled the recently released season 4 trailer, some links to the mobisodes that have launched in the last few months, as well as some of my own theories about what is in store for us come January 31st.

First up, here is the trailer that was recently aired prior to theater screenings of I Am Legend.

In order of appearance…

  • It looks like the losties are split into two camps, my assumption would be that one camp will be led by Jack, which will get off the island, and one camp will be led by Locke, who will stay behind.
  • What exactly is Hurley free from? If he goes back, he still has his money. Is the curse of the money broken by simply knowing about it?
  • Any new characters seem to look like rescue workers. I was expecting soldier or mercenary types for some reason.
  • Jack falls for the old “injured foe” trick on the beach.
  • The badge shown tacked to that wood was a hydra badge. Perhaps the remains of a boat?
  • Kate gets jumped by Vasquez.

vasquez.jpeg vasquez2.jpg
  • The helicopter we see is a small little Bell type. I can’t imagine it could hold more than 4 passengers. Obviously whomever sent the chopper wasn’t looking to make a mass pickup.
  • The oddest part to me was the reflection at the end of the commercial. This may be a complete case of looking for clues where there are none, or maybe just artifacts from poor YouTube compression, but I swear that the lower reflection of the mountains behind the Lost logo is a city skyline. Maybe shown to juxtapose the primal and the urban?

For those of you that haven’t paying attention, here’s the deal on the Mobisodes. They are officially called Lost: Missing Pieces and they are short ~2 minute clips. First premiering on Verizon phones, they are then available 6 days later on the website. 13 segments were produced and released, with the first airing Nov 7th, 2007, and the final episode being released today, January 7th.

Check all the mobisodes out here.

~ by skipjenkins on January 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “State of the Island”

  1. I think Hurley might be making a reference to that split personality he was dealing with earlier in the series. Maybe that wasn’t fully resolved and he thinks that the Island has something to do with it.

    Also, I really do think that last part is a reflection of a city. If you pause it, you can barely make out the lights in the buildings. And it certainly doesn’t look anything like the trees on the shore.

    I can’t wait until the new season.

  2. I got a clearer picture from the trailer I downloaded from iTunes (they’ve got a special recap episode and the season 4 trailer up, both for free). You can definitely see the city skyline at the end.

  3. I am very excited for this to come back on. And I agree, that is a reflection of a skyline, no doubt about it. I am just worried this fucking WGA striek is going to cut this season short. From what I have read, the whole season was not completed , only half of the 16 episodes are done.

  4. From what I hear, there are 8 episodes ready to be aired. Another 4 are written and ready to be put into production, but they can’t move forward until the strike is resolved, even on the episodes where the writing is already done.

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