Marry, Bang, Kill #8

TBS has been showing the Fast and the Furious movies since Friday, and since I’m a weeboo street racing junkie, I’ve been watching all weekend, much to the ire of my lovely wife. Anyways, I’m way too lazy to creatively come up with a theme for this MBK, so I’m going with the girls of the Fast and the Furious. Your choices this week are Jordana Brewster, Eva Mendes and Nathalie Kelley. Doesn’t Jordana Brewster look like Demi Moore in that picture?

dgg0123652.jpeg evamendes_mazur_5162962_max.jpeg nathalieamericandreamz03.jpeg

You guys know the drill. Make your case. Leave a comment.

~ by skipjenkins on November 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Marry, Bang, Kill #8”

  1. Marry – Jordana Brewster – she has that nice “good girl – but I like to party” look to her. I think she would be good to keep around.

    Bang – Eva Mendes – she is hot and has a juicy ass, but seems like she may be too annoying in real life.

    Kill – Nathalie Kelley – only because I have never heard of her. But if I could, I would bang her first, then kill her.

    And yes, I actually thought that was Demi Moore in that picture.

  2. Tell ya what, I’ll give you a two-fer. You can bang Ms.Kelley before killing her, but you also have to kill Ms. Mendes after banging her.

    Also, you have to use a shovel. As if there is any other way to kill a hooker.

  3. Eva Mendes out of the three shes hot enough for me to put up with her being annoying

  4. Wait which fast and the furious movies were Brewster and Kelley in?
    Marry- Nathalie Kelley she was pretty hot in tokyo drift.
    Bang- Brewster because I don’t feel like putting her into the kill category

    Kill- Eva Mendes, I hate her and everything she stands for but mostly I hate her. Has she done anything worthwhile in movies

  5. OK, that sounds fair. i was torn about killing Eva as well, so that works out good for me.

    And a shovel is my weapon of choice, always. It requires more skill, and effort, but the end result is worth it.

  6. @ MMD- “I hate her and everything she stands for but mostly I hate her.” Kinda like Skeet Ulrich?

  7. yes upon figuring out who that fucker is yes. Him too!

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