The cake is still a lie


I’ve managed to get my hot little hands on the Jonathan Coulton track written especially for Portal, Still Alive. It’s such a short simple game but it’s so much fun. If you’re into puzzle games, I highly recommend trying it out.

The song is available here.

~ by skipjenkins on November 9, 2007.

10 Responses to “The cake is still a lie”

  1. Portal is an awesome game. I love the quirky humor. GlaDOS is my new favorite insane AI. Sorry, HAL 9000, but you don’t have cake.

  2. I was playing Portal and my wife came into the room and I was trying to explain it to her and I’m telling her it’s hilarious, and all she sees is me standing in a sterile white room.

    She looks at me, shakes her head and walks out of the room…

  3. The best part of portal is the song

    After everything that happens in the game and then you hear the song it makes me smile everytime

  4. My girlfriend is the same way, skip. I just can’t make her understand…

  5. […] you some random cosplay, some thoughts about MySpace, the geekiest cake I’ve ever seen (and this one isn’t a lie), a pervy Wookie, what could be the best ad for Half-Life I’ve ever seen, and a Skip Jenkins […]

  6. that is the creepiest song ever

  7. But in retrospect i love it… it’s my new favorite song

  8. Alot of his stuff is pretty creepy, at least if you really think about what he’s singing about.

  9. Yeah i know that’s why i like it…it’s a lighter song to compliment my KMFDM lol

  10. Saggy Z just sent me another version of the portal end credits with this animatronic little girl robot…it just get’s creepier

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