When Nascar meets Tokyo

This is just another example of how fast weebooism is sweeping across the US. While apalachian drivers wanted to adopt the loose rear-end drifting techniques that were born in the mountain passes of Japan, this guy apparently wouldn’t think of driving a rice-rocket suited for the style. Instead, he just unhooked the flatbed full of McDonalds beef and Weekly World News papers, hit the gas and let those airbrakes rip.

Can’t say I wouldn’t like to give it a try.

To discuss: Whats the coolest vehicle you’ve driven?

~ by skipjenkins on November 8, 2007.

8 Responses to “When Nascar meets Tokyo”

  1. coolest vehicle? My 1983 Schwinn Le Tour Luxe bicycle. Yeah, it might be considered a snot-rocket, but it is so old it is considered retro. Steel rims, 1.25 inch tires; gears that squeak, etc. 🙂

    When I showed up at last years Century ride, people looked at me as if I were the nerd from hell….and I was! (I finished the ride and walked a bit like John Wayne after I got off).

    Oh, you mean combustion engine machines! Sorry, pretty mundane here; I drive a 96 Chevy S-10 and a 2006 Prius.

    I once drove a fast attack nuclear submarine though that didn’t have an internal combustion engine, save the emergency desil. 🙂

  2. Drifting in a semi doesn’t exactly seem like the safest thing to do. I’d like to see that guy do it with a trailer, though.

    The coolest car I’ve ever driven was a ’94 Geo Metro. I’m serious. Okay, so I once drove a newer Honda Civic, but it didn’t have a stick, so I didn’t have as much fun driving it. I’m pretty limited in my car-driving experiences.

  3. @ Blueollie – Were you in the Navy or did you just go loco and jack a nuclear sub?

    @ Cody – Man, we have to get you some seat time in something serious. Come to Cali. We will get you setup.

  4. “Appalachian” is the correct spelling. Or we will accept the term “Hillbilly American.”

    Cool video. Nice site.

  5. I knew that wasn’t the right spelling, I just couldnt figure out what the real spelling was, and I’m too lazy to use a dickshunarie.

    Also – good to see a new face around here Steve!

  6. Hmm coolest vehicle… nothing all that cool (maybe a jaguar). I drive a F-150 work truck and that’s pretty fun just knowing that if i chose to i could just ram pretty much any vehicle (in terms of cars not crazy outback bared SUV’s) I wanted and they’d be dead and i’d just be hurt…possibly severely. I want to drive the e350 turbo dissel for a bit but… not allowed.

  7. Just jack the big van MMD, you’ll feel better when you do…

  8. Lol i wish i could… if something happened to it my dad would kill me that thing has to last like 50 years (i mean we’re brown).

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