This is begging for a rule 34


Reports are beginning to brew in the blogosphere of tales of the Los Angeles Times sitting on major cover-up concerning a presidential candidate. Rumor is (and it may be just that, rumor) that Hillary Clinton is having a lesbian affair with one of her closest advisors, Huma Abedin.

In the words of an anonymous Department of Justice source:

“I am close enough to Hillary and [her personal aide]Huma [Abedin] to tell you that this ‘rumor’ is true,” the official says. “It is well known inside her campaign that Hillary and Huma are an item.

“If you call Hillary’s residence in DC first thing in the morning, Huma answers the phone,” the official continues. “Same thing late at night and on the road. It’s a closely guarded secret that Hillary’s inner circle guards at all costs.”

I still can’t see myself voting for her, but I’ll take some Hillary/Huma Rule 34 action.

~ by skipjenkins on November 6, 2007.

10 Responses to “This is begging for a rule 34”

  1. Gah, that does not bring to mind especially nice images. I don’t want to think about Hilary nude. And I really, really don’t want to think about Rule 34 in action here. Digimon porn is bad enough.

  2. Rule 34 in action.

    Chances of real pics are very slim, but you can find faked stuff anywhere. 😉

  3. It’s really just the sick side of me that wants to see it, although Huma looks fairly hot.

    It’s the same reason I saved the picture of a naked Roseanne Barr that I found.

    The thing is, I bet one of you guys (or both) want to see that Barr picture right now, even though your mind (and your cock) is screaming for you not to.

  4. To tell the truth, skip, my curiosity is killing me. But I think the picture would kill me, too.

  5. You want to see it don’t you.

    What have you got to trade?

  6. Lol, it’s right though, no matter who it is, you just want to see that nude photo.

    I think I remember the Barr pic *shudders* 😦

  7. You saved is Ace, don’t lie. It’s probably your desktop right now.

  8. WTF, why do you know about rule 34?… Rule 34 isn’t for shitty bloggers. GTFO the Interbutts. Also, Hillary’s lesbian affairs are none of your business.

  9. Sorry GTFO, I was digging up rule 34s when you were just some spit on your pappy’s dick. 4Chan isn’t the tight inner circle you think it is, and it’s been around since before your mom gave you a ‘puter for christmas.

    Other than that, I’m just going to give you my boilerplate troll bait reply:

    If you want to call my blogging shitty, you have to supply your own domain so I can see what cool really is…

  10. *IF* she is .. it’s a step up from Bill.

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