Settle an argument for me

My wife and I are deadlocked over these two pieces of music. One of us thinks the Futurama theme is a ripoff of the first piece, which is Pierre Henry‘s “Psyché Rock”. I’m not telling you guys who thinks what because then I know you are just going to side with her because she’s got spectacular boobs. Lemme know what you guys think.

Play the first video clip, then the second, both clips are under the cut so as not to muss up my front page.

Also, I threw some tits in too since I mentioned them and it wouldn’t be right to do otherwise. They’re not attached to my wife, but should you see the splendor of her breasts your eyes would probably spontaneously combust from the sexyness.

Gotta get used to that much hotness.

And the tits…


~ by skipjenkins on November 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “Settle an argument for me”

  1. I can see the resemblance, especially with the bells, but I think the Futurama theme is different enough to avoid being a complete rip-off. It’s got a more defined melody than the music of the first clip. So, I agree with whomever says no rip-off.

  2. The breasts win.

  3. Better not let Fred Thompson see the “breasts” shot.

  4. Well, in this case, it looks like my wife wins. 2-0

    Glad to see a new face around here Cody!

  5. I see the resemblance in the music. but once I saw the tits, I forgot and had to go back and listen again.

    I say not so much of a rip-off, but very close.

  6. It’s past the line of homage, but not quite a ripoff is what I’m getting.

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