An examination of Evangeline Lilly


I look through my search terms from time to time, both for laughs and to see what you folks are looking for so I can give it to you on a silver platter. Well, for some reason, you guys really really wanted pictures of Evangeline Lilly in the last couple days, which is odd since Lost is on hiatus. My feelings on that whole fiasco deserve another (or is it an Other) post in their own right, because I’m getting to the point where I either need to start re-watching from season one to brush up, or just stop giving a shit about the show as a whole (a la Sopranos). Needless to say, I’ve got way too many brain activity cycles invested to make the second a viable option. At any rate, I’ve tirelessly scoured the net for you cats and kittens and I’ve assembled the highlights, complete with all the fleshy goodness, under the cut, as well as a few goodies for the ladies.

Also, for the genuine Losties in the room, the ultimate Lost mind fuck is at the very end.

1) EL in the airport. You would be surprised how many pictures there are on the internet of her dragging luggage through the airport. 2) A bit too made-up for my tastes, but still hot. 3) EL was one of those “pick up the phone” girls you see on the commercials late at night. But she’s canadian, so I suppose it was more “pick up the phone eh.” 4) EL’s house caught fire. This picture is hot, but in a different way. A way that doesn’t make my pants tight. 5) Speaks for itself. 6) Someone somewhere had to take quite some time to photoshop this one (or should I say “edited using Adobe Photoshop software“). I guess whoever did this figured having to switch pictures was just too much, and he needed his other hand free too. 7) I kinda think EL looks like Michelle Trachtenberg in this one. 8) Yeah, apparently EL likes to flip off paparazzi too. 9) Badunkadunk. That is all. 10) I get a prom feel off this one. Don’t know why.

evangelinelilly9ni3.jpg evangeline-lilly-kate-on-lost10.jpg lost_kate_prelost.jpg

evangeline_lilly2.jpg evangeline-lilly-bikini-tutu-01.jpg evangeline-lilly-kate-on-lost-bikin.jpg

evangeline_lilly_009.jpg evangeline-lilly-finger-candids-00.jpg
evangeline_lilly1.jpg 008.jpg

And a few so as not to neglect the ladies. Gotta please the ladies.

001.jpg 20070524-holloway.jpg

Ok, I’ve teased you enough. Finally, the really juicy shit. Let me set the scene. The event has just happened, the hatch implodes, Desmond is thrown through time and the big purple light flashes in the sky. The event is detected by the arctic listening post and the operator makes a call to Penny, waking her.

The arctic station listening post operator is Jack…


Go ahead. Look at the full-size version. Study the bump on the ridge of the nose, the earlobes, and the way the beard comes in. I have no idea what implications this has in light of the flash-forewards and Desmond’s time hijinx, but I don’t think anyone can deny these are the same person. If you do, leave a comment and make your case.

Peace. I’m going to go get ready to keep a little ball out of a box.

~ by skipjenkins on October 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “An examination of Evangeline Lilly”

  1. Very nice, thank you Skip!

    As for the Jack/Artic operator… yeah I thought the same thing when it happened, and it will be interesting to see if they ever close that up and show if it really is him. Anything is possible in this show.

    BTW – why did you change the layout? I liked the other one better, but I still like this one.

  2. I was just going with a zombie thing for halloween. I like messing with the theme from time to time. The old look will be back. 🙂

  3. […] Edit: Since a lot of you guys seem to find this post, I figure I would also throw up the link to a more recent in-depth probing of Miss Lilly. […]

  4. Shamelessly catering to people coming in from Google…ah well, we all do it sometimes. Interesting bit about the Jack thing, though. My first thought is that they were in need of an extra and used Matthew Fox. But that’s an odd thing to do, and the guys behind Lost never do anything without a really good reason, so there probably is something behind it. Does Jack have a clone (who is slightly overweight, judging by the double chin)? Did the signal go into the future? Is Jack not really even on the island? (Okay, that last one was pretty far out.)

    Interesting stuff, which is par for the course when it comes to Lost.

  5. @ Cody – Clones, future time travel, and temporal displacement are all things that I would accept into Lost in a heartbeat. I think they’ve acclimatized us to accept almost anything. Also, I’m putting together a ‘State of the Losties’ post that should be up this week that summarizes all of the important (IMHO) themes and situations of the transition to season 4 and the revelation we got at the end of season 4. You would think I would have better shit to do with my time, but apparently I don’t.

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