Dorota Rabczewska

Who would you put money on in a chess match?

09_1__1_.jpg vs. alberteinstein.jpg

You might not want to decide too quickly…

If the frat house adage that a woman cannot be gracious, pretty and intelligent holds true (and before the need to comment strikes you, I didn’t say I subscribe to such a view), I imagine Dorota Rabczewska (aka Doda Elektroda) would be a raging mega-bitch.

An IQ of 156 (high enough to put her in the top 2% worldwide), 148,450 albums sold (doesn’t sound like a lot, but how many records can you really sell in Poland) and her previous marriage to goalkeeper Radoslaw Majdan earned them the nickname Beckhams of Poland.

Check out her racier pics under the cut and see Doda’ other talents.

dorota_doda_rabczewska_41.jpg doda-elektroda-black-dress.jpg

doda-elektroda-pigtails.jpg doda_fotoms087x600.jpg

~ by skipjenkins on October 23, 2007.

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