Conan like. Conan like much.

I guess I just added another one to the list of reasons I need to try Conan for the 360. According to Aceman over at Aceman Online, near the end of the game, the opportunity arises to gain a companion. A hot topless companion.


Check out some more shots at Aceman’s original post.

~ by skipjenkins on October 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Conan like. Conan like much.”

  1. It’s really not too bad once you get into it and it’s not just ‘swish swish hack dead’, there are some good moves which need to be learned by collecting runes and there’s nothing like throwing a guy up in the air and hacking them in half.

    Tis good stuff!

  2. Plus… the boobs.

  3. Well, the boobs were an unexpected bonus and since rescuing the 2nd maiden, I’m yet to encounter more breastage…

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