Some unrelated errata…

Whats up party people, party people are you with me! Just some random shit for you good people.

This motivational is for you Will, I know how much you love Dr. Cox. I think it’s high enough resolution to print out and put over your bed. And before you bother replying, I know there’s already a poster of my mom over your bed.


Just to entice, all the random hot pictures are below the cut.

I found this pic on a random imageboard and it was entirely too hot not to share. I think this is the first time I’ve found Starbuck hot.


Also came across this picture this week, not only is it the first Planet Terror cosplay I’ve seen, but this girl’s dedication to accuracy gives her bonus points up the ass.


I leave you with yet another reason the Mighty Reds stomp the fuck out of all comers.


Peace bitches.

~ by skipjenkins on October 18, 2007.

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