I’m not usually a big fan of internet memes (with the exception of Chocolate Rain, that damn song always gets stuck in my head and I don’t even have to have heard it), but I love motivational posters. Not like the kind that douchey managers have up in corporate boardrooms, but rather the kind that is just so brutally obvious that anyone with half a mind would have figured it out already.

Or maybe the kind that are just so wrong it’s right…

Or maybe it’s just Star Wars fanboy idolatry…

Or maybe even the kind that features former child star twins with butterfly pasties on their nipples…


Some more of my favorites are under the cut.

vagina.jpg 1192232856207.jpg

1192243218034.jpg 1192233122935.jpg 1192137792631.jpg

~ by skipjenkins on October 17, 2007.

One Response to “Motivationals”

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