Vulva. Need I say more?


This reminds me of a joke…

In the beginning, after God had created all the lesser animals, there was only Adam, Eve and God. God needed a break. He had been working long and hard on building long, elegant, shapely legs for Eve, for she had none yet.

So God said “I need time to rest and think on the legs I have created before I bestow them on Eve.”

Adam says “Ok, I was going to go out to the stream and wash up anyways.”

God responded “Take Eve with you.”

And Adam did. And it was good.

Hours later God finds Adam working in the fields, with Eve nowhere to be seen.

So God said “Adam, where is Eve?”

To which Adam said “Eve is just fine, I set her in the river to wash herself while I worked here in the fields.”

With frustration, God responded “Damn it Adam, now I will never get the scent out of the fish!”

In case your Eve doesn’t have quite enough vagina smell, you can now remedy the situation with a vial of Vulva for only $35. Neither a perfume nor cologne, Vulva is a ‘beguiling vaginal scent which is purely a substance for your own smelling pleasure. Breathe in and enjoy, anytime, anywhere, the odour of a beautiful woman‘.

Or, for the more mischievous among you, slip a drop into your married buddies’ gym bag and watch the sparks fly.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the words odour and vagina shouldn’t be used in the same sentence in any advertisment, ever.

~ by skipjenkins on October 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Vulva. Need I say more?”

  1. /insert your mom has a bottle comment

  2. /Insert a bottle into your mom.

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