The long and the short of it.

I’ve been sporadic lately, I know, but I’ve got a really good excuse this time I swear. My g5 took a dump a week ago and I’ve been scrambling to get back online, but the OS gods are pissing on my leg and calling it lemonade on this one.

Through the grace of The Bloodstained Son of Ill Fate, I am now working off a PC (gasp) running a dual boot WinXP/Ubuntu machine.

Only, I can’t exactly get to the Ubuntu side. Oh, and I don’t have sound on the XP side and the sound on the Linux side sounds like it’s coming through a McDonalds’ speaker sometimes.

(10 minutes later)

My resident Windows guy just showed up. Let’s see if he can’t get this working…

Update: Wilhelm has gotten the audio to work, now there is just the issue of the dual booting. I imagine there must be a key to bring up the boot loader after the BIOS boots. Anyone know what it is? 

~ by skipjenkins on September 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “The long and the short of it.”

  1. Can I have the G5 case to build a PC out of? Thats a nice sturdy case there. Do Macs use ATX mobo’s or will we have to improvise?


  2. Nevermind. Did some research and apparently modifying a G5 case to fit PC components is possible, but way more effort than I am willing to put into it. But you should see the reaction you get when asking about it in a Mac forum…

  3. I know, huh. It’s kinda like asking a catholic if the virgin mary masturbated with a cross…

  4. For your dual boot problem, you should check out Super Grub. It’s a boot management program that lets you configure a bunch of boot settings. I successfully had XP, Vista and Ubuntu triple booting at one point, but I tried to add OSX86 as a quad boot option and borked the whole machine.

  5. GRUB has come up multiple times ask I’ve asked around. Is Super Grub different?

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