This is going to be a doozy…

I’ve got a shitload of pictures that I’ve amassed on my desktop with the intention putting them up here to show to you guys. There is no common thread here, just a bunch of ill shit. In no particular order…


A rare albino peacock.


I like Perfect Strangers just like everyone else raised on TGIF but I wouldn’t let my daughter sit on Balki’s lap if you offered me all the money in Zurich and all the ‘tang in Hollywood.


In case anyone missed it, this is the naked Vanessa Hudgens hotel photo that caused all the acid reflux over at Disney.


Some really good Battlestar Galactica cosplay I ran across on 4chan.


I always wondered where he banked.


Someone needs to figure out the religious implications of each character’s placement in this.


Along the same lines as Balki, never would this be my daughter. Evar.


While we are on the subject of ruining childhood icons… Goddamn internet.

~ by skipjenkins on September 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “This is going to be a doozy…”

  1. […] Redstate Update: a couple of funny videos. The first shows Jackie getting run off of the NBC property while awaiting Fred Thompson. The second talks about a photo making the rounds; you can see the photo here. […]

  2. Nice keyword placement, Skip!

    BTW: I’m accustomed to seeing the caption below the photo, so I spend 10 precious seconds trying to find the rare albino peacock behind Balki.

  3. You like that Bagel? LOL

    You know how I roll.

    Also, my captions are below the pictures.

  4. Bah
    Above, below, over, under, through.
    I fail at spatial concepts.

  5. That BSG cosplay is sweet

  6. Isn’t that cool J? I’ve got a few more I could put up if you want.

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