Marry, Bang, Kill #5

Today it’s all about the A, B, C’s of M, B, K…

jessica_alba_nude.jpeg monica-bellucci-007.jpg jennifer-connely-004.jpg

Jessica Alba          –         Monica Bellucci         –         Jennifer Connelly

As always, leave a comment with your pics. Let the debate begin.

~ by skipjenkins on August 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Marry, Bang, Kill #5”

  1. marry- Jenifer Connelly
    bang- Belluci/Alba/Connelly
    kill- Belluci/Alba

    unable to narrow it down any furthur

  2. Just to note: If I had a chance, I would bang all 3…

    Marry – Bellucci – she is absolutely gorgeous, and marrying her would allow me to bang her on a regular basis.

    Bang – Alba – gorgeous, but seems like she could get annoying after a while, so would be nice to be able to leave after the bangin.

    Kill – Connelly – yeah she used to look great, but then she got too skinny and something about her just doesnt do it for me these days.

  3. I’m 100% with slinger, just for the record. For exactly the same reasons too…

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