I’ve been following the evolving saga that is Cloverfield, and if the rumors on the internet saying that recent UFO movies being uploaded to youtube are viral marketing tools for Cloverfield are true (which admittedly is a suckers bet), this video and others like it may help fuel the resolve of those that think JJ Abrams’ secretive tactics are hiding the fact that his film is in actuality a UFO flick. My crackpot theory is that JJ is remaking the 1983 made for tv sci-fi flick V. It’s probably not, but if it is I can say I said it first. Maybe it’s even just a remake of The Beast from 2000 Fathoms. And what the fuck does Slusho! have to do with it? And ABZ 3293? Or Anti-Christ.Org? Sometimes I want to choke the hell out of JJ for fucking with my head.

And could this call sheet be authentic? It would mesh with reports that PAs on set are being ordered to stick to the official story that whats being filmed is just a cheese commercial


~ by skipjenkins on August 10, 2007.

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