Another Skip Jenkins

I got the following email a couple weeks ago, and it’s at the complete end of the spectrum from Natalie’s rant. Speaking of her, I totally expected her to show her ugly mug around here again… Hm…


my best friend and i, who met in 1993 working at a stupid coffee shop in boulder where we proceeded to rot for almost four years before running away to seattle like tom sawyer and huck finn on crack, had created a fictional character/alter ego named skip jenkins – sort of a running in-joke between us for years and years. we’d sign up for free porn as skip jenkins, troll web sites we despised signing our rude comments as skip jenkins, etc. etc. etc. now we have found your blog and it is like we have come home. we salute you as a soul brother and apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you by using your name.

ken and jim”

Tell me that’s not fucking cool.


~ by skipjenkins on August 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Another Skip Jenkins”

  1. “we’d sign up for free porn as skip jenkins” that’s funny.

    But I assume you do this as well.

  2. It’s funny, because when I sign up for porn, I use the name Slinger oddly enough.


  3. I use the name Kalin myself.

  4. I just use Saggy Z when I sign up to porn sites. I wonder how that’s doing for him

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