Yeah, I joined. Yeah, I’m a lemming.

My apology/explanation/soapbox for my friends (who have sat silently or not-so-silently through many anti-MySpace rants) to talk shit about it is here.

That is all.

Flame on Will. πŸ™‚

Here are some random boobs so you don’t go away thinking about what a douche I am. Leer on brothers (and sisters). Leer on.


~ by skipjenkins on August 2, 2007.

12 Responses to “MySpace”

  1. You know, I was sooooo close to registering yesterday, not really to ‘do’ the Myspace thing, mainly because so many people link to stuff on there and you can’t see shit if you’re not signed in.

    I may secretly register just so I can, “be cool” or something, but mainly to see pictures of some hot totty I spotted on there…

  2. Seriously, I’m a bit ashamed of it, and my friends will have quite a good laugh, but it’s almost become someplace you have to have an account to get to everything on the web. Fucking sucks.

    I’ll add you as a friend if you do. πŸ™‚

  3. Myspace is an excellent image host.

  4. Thats what I hear.

  5. I always expected you to join myspace- mostly because you were always ranting about it so much. Like you were looking for someone to convince you otherwise.

  6. Thats funny, I expected you to heckler louder than anyone, lol. What’s your plan for tonight? I feel like drinking wine…

  7. Wine? lol

  8. I was listening to Terence Young’s Way of the Grape podcast and it got me in the mood.

  9. Wine…. Will c`an’t say anything how ,amy of those bitch drinks did he have of Gina’s?

    Plus there is nothing wrong with wine or myspace, it’s how you use it. On both

  10. Seriously! I forgot about that! Will was drinking the pantie droppers!

    “Plus there is nothing wrong with wine or myspace, it’s how you use it. On both”

    …Kinda like butt sex.

  11. Only after there was no other alcohol left πŸ™‚
    Had to stop after two, that shit made me sick

  12. I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s probably 90% sugar.

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