See what happens when I leave the internet to go to work…


God dammit… At least I have a better idea on how to build with an eye towards defense now.

Oh, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, go check out NukeZone.

~ by skipjenkins on August 1, 2007.

30 Responses to “See what happens when I leave the internet to go to work…”

  1. Don’t worry they killed saggy z too.

  2. Gimme 72 hours. I’m going to make that bastard suck on his own nuts…

  3. I don’t know who killed you but someone from the clan is dead. We need more people with EMPs to plan attacks throughout the day

  4. well i think i won’t make it through the night so i’ll join the dead club

  5. I’m back up now but unfortunately my power is at something like 214%.

    Earlier it was at 764% though, so I’m making progress. I have turns, I just need money to get my building setup…

  6. Well I survived the night but who knows whats gonna happen next. Their weakest guy launched a chem missile at me and cleaned out all of my troops 258 dead but i’m not worried about it. When the morning comes my clan will whipe him out.

  7. I’m just trying to build up defenses before my NukeProtection goes away…

  8. Actually they used a pretty good combo on me. We should do this to. First they nuked me for general damage. Then another guy used a chemical missile to kill all my vehicles and then another guy used a biochemical and killed all my troops. I have no units now.

  9. Yeah, we need to learn some combos…

  10. Well peace has been declared between both us and the Belgians so looks like now is your time to build defences

  11. I think we are going to have to work together as a team alot more if we are going to be a powerhouse…

  12. we actually work pretty well together. Mick can co-ordinate the attacks like a pro. You just gotta get on the skype chats like everyone else (that is attacking) and see what you can do. I would follow Mick’s advice and specialize you offensive military units. It’s the easiest way to be a more effective attacking force.

  13. Maybe I’m just not working as a team, lol. I think I’ve built me defenses alot more effectively this “life”. I’m also usually working when you guys do the attacks.

  14. Well now you gotta make that paper. Mick has started doing day attacks and night attacks to better suit everyone’s schedule.

  15. I just have so little resources right now, I need to just build up in the meantime.

  16. Well if you need the nuke zone paper build and sell spy panes (if you can’t sell land yet i.e. the 72 no sell period). Basically save as many turns as possible for research, land exploration (for $) and infrastructure building I would use the market as much as possible

  17. Well we are back at war anyways

  18. I’ve got almost 50 of each defensive building, and otherwise I’ve just been putting money into research labs and my turns into research. I’ve got my missiles at 80%, and I’m making 6,920 per hour with my researched moneymaking. I need some money to build some nukes then I’m all set.

  19. Too late you are dead again. I would say that next time unless in actual peace don’t rebuild or research

  20. Yeah, but I died a week ago so it wasnt “rebuilding” as much as it was “building”…

  21. Well your sacrifice was…in vain we just declared peace a few minutes ago they got their point bonus and we weren’t doing that again (fighting people with the bonus).

  22. Can we stay at peace at least long enough for me not to be completely defenseless? LOL

  23. Seems like it’s you’re lucky day Mick wants to give everyone time to recover (1 day)

  24. That will give me plenty of time! LOL

  25. Well Mick gets pretty serious about it. Here is the deal we are going after clan points so anything you can do to get them helps…even if you die. I don’t think we lose clan points by dieing.

  26. When we get the bonus the money will be distributed to those Mick feels deserves it…if you can help attack then lets just say it looks better on ya. But seriously like I told Simon build defenses and bank turns. Don’t bother with power plants and go for the Advanced Power. Use the market as much as you can and don’t worry too much about research. Most importantly keep buying and selling spy planes from the get go to get some cash then switch over to land when the 72 hours is up. Anyways you get nuke protection for a bit make sure to maximize it and choose the defensive bonus.

  27. And remember air units claim no land in an attack…and missiles don’t either. Plus a war factory gives you ten per building rather then an airfield…or even better a baracks gives you 20 per building. Specialize and deal with one type of military unit and make your defenses broader. The cash you waste on diversification can be used to make bigger #

  28. This is even more important when you consider this. You had almost 50 of each defense buildings but it was spread over a geographical area that kept getting larger. If you looked at status you would see that the bigger the area the more anti-missile and torpedo launchers you have to build to keep the chance of shooting them down higher (the anti-missile maxes out at 50%)

  29. One last thing. I’m gonna try to send you some cash to help in your building. Put it all in the market.

  30. Thank you brother!

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