State of my Comics Stack

I’ve got a stack of trades on my desk and a shitload of back issues so I’m going to make this quick, but I just had a couple of things I wanted to throw out into the gallery for discussion. In no particular order…

  • Waiting for issues of The Walking Dead is getting to be almost as unbearable as waiting for new episodes of Lost. If you aren’t reading it now, get caught up with trade paperbacks. Also, on a related note, I want my #3 trade back Disko. Don’t make me come find you.
  • At each of my local comic shops, there is exactly one guy and exactly one girl whose picks I take as required reading. It just kinda worked out that way.
  • Mouseguard ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s a cute story and the art is good, but some people act like it’s the next coming of Chris.
  • I’m slowly but surely making my way through The Preacher. Yes, I realize everyone else read that 10 years ago. I’m currently trying to find the third trade locally before I resort to
  • If the clerk at World’s Best Comics who recommended Ellis’ Black Summer is reading this, thanks for the excellent pick.
  • On impulse I picked up the first trade of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, a decidedly eastern story about five students at a Buddhist university who try to pay their way through Uni by helping spirits move their physical body to a spot where they can make peace with their life. If you are in the mood for some thick manga, give it a try.
  • I would really appreciate it if publishers stopped thinking that we will buy any waste of paper zombie comics they throw out, regardless of how uni-faceted the story and how shitty the art is.
  • I would also really appreciate it if any of you that are buying the above mentioned shit zombie books stopped doing so.
  • If you like Bruce Campbell, go pick up Man with the Screaming Brain. If you don’t like Bruce, go get a sense of fucking humor you stuck-up emotionless robot.
  • The Invisibles is excellent but man is that shit some thick reading. I had to read through Revolution twice before it made any sense.
  • It’s really easy to say you are going to keep a database of your books. It’s really hard to actually do it.
  • Even if you dont normally read superhero books, check out Garth Ennis‘ current Punisher story arc, starting with issue #41.
  • You should all be listening to Around Comics.
  • I’m really fucking upset I missed Comic Con.
  • I love comic book cosplay. I really do.


1184039411808.jpeg 1185598621114.jpg 1184027594138.jpeg

  • Not all comic book cosplay is good though.


Ok, I’m out. I have reading to do. Leave me a comments with your thoughts.

~ by skipjenkins on July 31, 2007.

9 Responses to “State of my Comics Stack”

  1. Preacher, obviously is FTW. This should be readily apparent just from looking at my name.

    That pic of Arseface, though, that’s not cosplay. That was an early makeup test for some pre-production work on a Preacher film. It never went much further than that though, sadly.

    Definitely digging on the Cassidy, though.

    Since you seem to like Garth Ennis as much as I do, might I also recommend ‘War Stories Vol. 1?’ I don’t know if they’ve done follow-up volumes since then, but it was phenomenal.

  2. I’m not sure that I would think a Preacher film is ok. Kinda in the same vein as the fact that I’m sure a Watchmen movie would suck.

    I’ll have to pick up that War Stories. Is it in trade yet?

  3. Yeah, I bought it in Trade about 3 years ago, actually. I think it’d been out for a bit even before that. The guy at the store didn’t know if they were going to do any further volumes.

    It’s four stories, written by Ennis, with art from Chris Weston, Gary Erskine, John Higgins, Dave Gibbons, and David Lloyd. All the stories are set in WWII, and they’re really just extraordinary. The art is pretty damned good, too.

    I’m pretty sure Watchmen is in production right now. We’ll see how that one turns out …

    As for a Preacher film … what they were originally looking at doing was, IIRC, the first two trades, more or less. James Marsden (Cyclops from X-Men) was attached to the product to play Jesse. I think you’re right – it would have been an abomination unto … well, I guess the Saint, but anyway. What I’d read about it looked to be just about as faithful an adaptation as, say, Starship Troopers was.

    I don’t think that, short of it being a Lord of the Rings-style epic, 9 hours or so, it could be done properly.

  4. Have you seen the production still (I think it was a test shot) for the Watchmen that was in the extended trailer for 300? Looked good, but it’s just so epic that I’m not sure it can come close to living up to the book(s).

    Also, I think I’m the only person on earth who actually liked the starship troopers movie, probably because I’ve not read the book.

  5. Oh, now, don’t get me wrong – I actually -enjoyed- the Starship Troopers movie. I simply think that I would have enjoyed it more if they had maybe changed the name to something else, instead of trying to pretend like it had any fucking relation whatsoever to the work that Heinlein did.

    It’s like saying that the Murnau / Shreck movie ‘Nosferatu’ is based on Bram Stoker’s book. I mean, it is – you can recognize some elements from it, but it’s so distorted and and changed that it’s not really even close anymore. Nosferatu and Starship Troopers are both somewhat like viewing the original work through a funhouse mirror.

  6. 1. When you were @ the comic book store was volume 19 of Berserk out yet?

    2. Was the 7th issue of the Dark Tower comic out yet- and did you get me a copy?

  7. I dunno about Berserk, I forgot about DT too. We can go to A1 this weekend.

  8. No- going to the comic store with you involves me grabbing the two monthly books I want and then standing outside smoking cigerattes for 20-30 minutes while you spend half your monthly income.

    I like the method we had going where you go and pick up my books and then I pay you for them. That way you can make sure you look at every comic in the store to try and find one you dont have and I relax at home:)

  9. I can feel that. I probably wouldn’t want to go to the comic shop with me either. It’s kinda why I don’t go to fry’s with you, mr. disposable income guy.


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