Marry Bang Kill #4

The theme this time is not only the women of Lost, but the dead women of Lost.

maggie-grace-10.jpeg michelle_rodriguez_5887.jpeg libby6.jpeg

Maggie Grace – Michelle Rodriguez – Cynthia Watros

Same drill as always, click each photo for a larger version and leave a comment with your picks.

~ by skipjenkins on July 28, 2007.

16 Responses to “Marry Bang Kill #4”

  1. After a bit of deliberation, marry Michelle Rodriguez, bang Maggie Grace, kill Cynthia Watros.

    It was close between Maggie and Michelle, but as I’m not a fan of blondes, the sexy latino wins. Watros looked like crap in her mugshot and I wouldn’t fancy waking up to that, so she loses.

  2. See, I would have gone with Kill Maggie Grace, bang Michelle Rodriguez and marry Cynthia Watros. I don’t know why I think sh’e so hot, but Libby does it for me.

  3. Look at Skip picking up Hurley’s sloppy seconds.

  4. I am not going to play, but I needed these photos after seeing “The Crying Game” on DVD. πŸ™‚

  5. Glad to be of help in any way I can!

  6. Wow, this is a hard one. I will say….

    Marry Cynthis Watros – like Skip, there is something about her that I like.

    Bang Michelle Rodriguez – I bet she would be wild in bed

    Kill Maggie Grace – seems too whiny

  7. I gotta wonder if the answers would have been different had the choices been “Libby, AnaLucia, Shannon”?

  8. I actually took their characters into consideration when I answered mine. I know nothing really of Maggie Grace, but Michelle Rodriguez seems like a wild child all the time anyway. And Cynthia has that hot “older woman” look to her that I like.

  9. Yeah, theres something about Cynthia. Aceman has got it all backwards.

  10. Pfft, n00bs the lot of ya! 😦

  11. LOL

  12. ??? well I have no idea who the F any of these girls …(except michelle rodriguez)

    mind you i’m also checking this out on the ol’ mobile so marry the older chick, bang michelle and kill the other one.

  13. Don’t you watch Lost brother?!?!

  14. Not anymore. After Echo died I lost interest. I watch too many shows now to pick it back up. Battle star Galactica, ugly Betty, Smallville and keys to the vip take up all my tv watching time. Plus UFC ultimate fighter sometimes (that BJ Pen and Jens Pulmer was such a let down it wasn’t worth the hype at all and that was even with being drunk.

  15. you have the most eclectic tastes in tv. That’s good shit. πŸ™‚

  16. I don’t know my tastes on tv is bi-polar I like drama and romantic comedy kinds of things (things commonly stereotyped to as girly television) but I also like Sci-fi and more manly things like UFC and pro wrestling. I think the common element is drama. UFC ultimate fighter tries to capture the reality tv/ drama aspect of MMA and wrestling is like the soap opera for guys. The other shit I watching are actual or pretty much soap operas i.e. General Hospital is a soap, the original version of Ugly Betty was a Spanish soap and Battlestar is considered a sci-fi soap because it focuses on the characters rather then the tech and space facets of the show.

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