Dead Rising and Mega64

My buddy just finished Dead Rising, and kicked it over to me to play through before he trades it in, and I’ve been loving it. I tried it once before but I didn’t realize that through leveling up you can increase the walking or running speed of the character. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the game the guy shambles not much faster than the zombies you are trying to flee from.

A couple of days later he comes over and shows me a YouTube video made by gaming enthusiast Mega64. This is going to be much more meaningful if you’ve played DR however.

Under the cut is another video from Mega64, this time a Metal Gear Solid video.

~ by skipjenkins on July 24, 2007.

6 Responses to “Dead Rising and Mega64”

  1. Mega64 make some great vids, the Mario one with Miyamoto in is good.

    I need to start playing Dead Rising again, seems a bit of a waste only playing it for a few hours after buying the metal case version.

  2. Yeah, I was like “how the fuck did this guy get miyamoto in his movie!!?”

    did oyu notice the link that popped out through the door behind him?

  3. Ha! That was excellent!
    See you on the roof!

  4. My favorite part was “Are you talking to Otis? I hate Otis…” Have you played DR bagel?

  5. I’ve not played. It’s only for xbox, right? I don’t do consoles.

    I love * of the Dead films.

  6. You dont do consoles? Really? How come?

    I’m just curious. If you are into zombies, you should read The Walking Dead comics in trade paperback.

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