Brace for Impact

In case you are hip and want to get with some ill shit, Apocalypse Dowell‘s novel Brace for Impact is now available on Amazon. With a description like…

Two archenemies/best friends set off on a journey across America to save their friend. They have six days to reach San Francisco from Kentucky, but they have no money and few practical skills. Along the way, they encounter truckers, pro-wrestlers, love-crazed middle-aged Japanese women, robots, an insane smoothie maker, and a plan to bring down the Internet.

How can it be anything but undeniably cool? Check it out today.

~ by skipjenkins on July 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Brace for Impact”

  1. Here come your kickback.

  2. So what would the easiest way to get an autographed copy be?

  3. Just send me your address. I’ll fire it over to you.

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