iPhone Version


So I was re-watching the season 3 finale of Lost and noticed something interesting. Check out the middle icon in the top row. Kinda looks like the ‘home’ icon in OS X doesn’t it? Knowing Lost, this could be a clue to the whole damn thing…


~ by skipjenkins on July 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “iPhone Version”

  1. I noticed this when I saw that phone, it looked a LOT like OS X, and maybe this whole thing really is related to time lines, or time travel.

  2. Well, I think the Desmond situation is a pretty clear indicator that something time related is up.

    Are you really into Lost?

  3. Yeah, I am a LOST geek. I used to be on the chat boards a lot but got sick of all the dorks on there throwing out lame theories. But I watch it religiously.

  4. Nice. I didn’t really post a lot on the fuselage, but I used to read it pretty consistently. The thing I was really into was the podcasts. Jay and Jack in particular are great, but the Dharmalars and the girls at the Lost Initiative are right up there too.

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