The gold bikini to end all gold bikinis


I think this puts all other Leia bikinis to shame. Imagine seeing that every time your wife took of her shirt.

Nerdgasm fer sure.

~ by skipjenkins on July 12, 2007.

27 Responses to “The gold bikini to end all gold bikinis”

  1. /nerdgasm

    on your mom

  2. Aww skip I think she wants you. Why else would she bitch like this. Maybe she wants you to nerdgasm on her face? But you are married…I guess there is no end to the madness.

  3. I always wanted a stalker, lol.

    Although this post above doesn’t match the IP address of the others, so we may have a copycat stalker.

  4. She has to have the cinnamon bun hair to go with those

  5. Imagine how yummy they’re gonna look in another twenty or thirty years.


  6. No shit … in a few decades, they won’t be 34D’s anymore … they’ll be 46 Longs.

  7. Well, I dunno if it’s down to those wonderful breasts, but congrats on being the ‘Fastest Growing blog’ (at time of posting).

    Too much tattoo for my liking…

  8. It looks like I got listed on Foobies and Farq, so welcome Foobiers’ and Farqers. Glad to see new faces!

    And to me it doesn’t matter how out of shape those boobs will get later, right now they look fantastic, and thanks to the magic of the interweb, they will look that way forever in my mind. 🙂

  9. Very good blog, very rich nice pictures and articles, congratulations !!!

  10. … yeah… umm… what was this about? I was too busy wan-… I mean… reading the… I mean…

    Yeah… nerdgasm… huh?

  11. those have gotta be the UGLIEST set of knockers I’ve ever seen.

  12. […] Made me look! (the post was called “the gold bikini to end all gold bikinis“) […]

  13. @”the rooster”

    mine are similiar and slightly bigger so you will probably not like mine either. Oh well, lotsa guys do like them. Some girls also like them btw 😉

    Oh well, your loss…

    PS – I like the tattoo kudos to the artist

  14. That’s awesome.

  15. Look ma! No tan lines!

  16. Hawt!

  17. That’s awesome!

  18. Like the blueollie hehehe had to LQQk and now?
    ( . )( . )
    Now that’d make a rabbit huh-a-hound-dawg!
    and but
    I like the way ya did that right ther.
    hahahahaaaaaa ohhh.

  19. awww mann! huh=hug: (

  20. […] The gold bikini to end all gold bikinis [image] I think this puts all other Leia bikinis to shame. Imagine seeing that every time your wife took of her […] […]

  21. Another stupid whore with retarded tats this tine on her tits

  22. Fucking great to see all of you new faces partaking in this discussion concerning tits and tats. Bravo.

    Also, I’ve added all you guys to my blogroll, hope you see some new readers come by.

    And to Brandi, you may be right that she is stupid, you may be right that she is a whore, but that tattoo is a great idea, well executed with excellent coloring and detail.

  23. I wonder if tattoos hurt? never had any but always thought about getting some on my arms. Can’t decide yet on what to put on

  24. […] There was no warning! However, I guess the testostrone-filled boys will be very happy to see this pair of bikini. Wives, it should be good if your husband loves Star Wars. Drool on, […]

  25. Love it or hate it the addition of well sized rack has added tons more of comments (well combined with some other things). Maybe you should add yourself to stumbleupon (if it hasn’t already been done).

    Just one more thing, can you really have a mind of your own when it seems this issue is a pretty polarized issue (you either like them or not).

  26. It turns out I am retard and my phone’s browser doesn’t show links. “a mind of my own” is site name and I apologize for my stupidity.

  27. […] Champions League and the Euros, theres been alot of football lately. I’ll get some more tits and robots and geekery in […]

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