A troll lives under this here bridge.


I got a comment on a post yesterday from Natalie who basically said I’m a sack of shit and I’m probably lying about being married, and I’m a douchebag, because I dig on comics.

I deleted it, because well, it’s all bullshit and this is my blog and that’s my right.

Anyways, today she came by the site again (why? why read a site that gets you so pissed?) and she left another post saying that I’m censoring her or something and I’m feeling feisty and theres nothing wuite as fun with arguing with a random stranger on the internet so I’m letting her have her “freedom of speech”


“OMG! You are a small specimen of a boy. You got fired from a sign shop no less and you draw stupid sadistic cartoons that only make you look more childish and immature. WOW and you say you have a wife, interesting. I’m surprised you have a wife. She must support you because by the looks of this cheesy website and your “work history” you hardly seem able to make ends meet. And seriously comic books.. what are you 12? Your a douchebag.. that needs to get a life.”


“so much for freedom of speech.. I guess I wouldn’t want my “fans” to know who I really was either.”

And since the email address Miss Natalie is using is getting returned by gmail as “Permanent Failure: UNKNOWN_USER: No such user” I am going to reply here instead.

You seem to take this random shit I post online way more serious than I or any of my “fans” do. (And when the hell have I ever said I have fans?!?) Anyone who reads this site knows who I am, because most of the people who read SJS are people I have known for years. I’m sorry something about my very existence bothers you, but really, do the rest of us a favor and find another hobby. Perhaps making a site, blog or webcomic of your own might do just the trick. If you do, lemme know, I’ll link to you. But thanks for stopping by…


~ by skipjenkins on July 12, 2007.

13 Responses to “A troll lives under this here bridge.”

  1. S(he) obviously wants you- probably not 12 years old either, good grammar for a flame. This is why you should take all amputee porn references off your site. I mean, if I was looking for some amputee porn and this site came up as number one in a Google search I would be pissed and flame you as well. S(he) has every right!

  2. Well, I got it all from you. Tell your mom to quit making those films!

  3. Oh sure, jokes about my sex- you can see for yourself just go to http://www.trannyforhire.com

    This website is a joke. If any of your “fans” want to see a good blog maintained by an adult then feel free to check out my site:


  4. Ah Skip- I had your back till you sent me an email with a Fantastic Four referance.

    As for my mom- how else is she suppossed to earn enough to take care of you. Welfare doesnt pay enough to support your comicbook addiction AND still put food on the table

  5. Heya “Natalie”

    The funny thing, that’s actually a pretty good design. Repeated elements, minimalist color scheme.

    Oh, and Tits or GTFO.

  6. Speaking of which Will, your mom’s check it late!

  7. Shes holding out on you.

    Go win a spelling be if you want your comics!


  8. /sigh shouldn’t be talking


  9. I do not know Skip at all, I found his site randomly, and I liked what I read, so I linked him.

    I am not into comic books, but I like to read all kinds of shit, and this site keeps me entertained (when he DOES post, stop taking weeks off between posts Skip!)

    So to Natalie – if you don’t like it, stop reading. And Chuck Norris – these references are so overplayed, and stupid. Plus I doubt that is “your” site, as you claim.

  10. Why would anyone get offended about content on the internet. Isn’t it implicit consent that you won’t agree with everything posted. I mean come on now this ain’t PBS. If you don’t like it I agree she should GTFO. What does she have sand in her vagina about anyways.

  11. Thanks for your support Slinger & MMD, I think Miss Natalie has taken her last bow. Notice she hasn’t responded since I let her have her say. Bitch needs to know not to fuck with me and mine. 🙂

    I think she has something more than sand in her coochie, maybe crabs.

  12. But Skip,

    didn’t Carl say there is a shampoo for that in one of the episodes of Aqua Teens. Maybe she should get to a druggist instead of taking it out on you.

  13. Maybe she should just get herpes. I heard that eats crabs….

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