Forza 2


I’ve finally figured out the cryptic and complex procedure for getting at the photos you can take during races in Forza Motorsport 2. Here is the first photo I’ve taken of my # 82 Red Bull 911 GT3 Cup. This was taken near the end of a 7 or 8 lap race, check out the road grime collecting on the car. Amazing.

Also, I’m working on a Skip Jenkins Racing paint and vinyl scheme, and I’ll upload photos as soon as I finish.

In related news, I’ve added a xBox 360 badge to the right runner so you guys can check out my pitifully low gamer score.

If anyone is playing Forza and wants to race, let me know.

Your demise can be arranged.

~ by skipjenkins on June 21, 2007.

9 Responses to “Forza 2”

  1. What is this xbox 360 people keep talking about. I’m too invested in boxing on th Wii, man that shit is fun (and tiring too)

  2. LOL. I love Forza.

    I tried three or four times to get a Wii, but whenever I went out looking there were none to be found.

  3. Just ask the guys at best buy which day and what time they get their new shipments in and go early the next day/ day of

  4. I’ve done that. There are powerful and old forces in the universe that are set against me getting a Wii.

    Go get a 360, then we will race like madmen.

  5. lol I will as soon as I can afford one/ get one open box from best buy. I hear some pretty bad things about them overheating, melting down, un-sodering the boards etc. Anyways I gotta a DS and a Wii I barely get to use. The only thing I gurantee I will use (tech wise) is my phone..which I currently get free internet on. When that’s done I might not even surf the net anymore.

  6. Holding out for a PS3 price drop myself…mostly just for a cheap blue-ray player though.

  7. Youve got a TV that can make full use of a BlueRay player though.

    Plus youre the rich guy with loads of disposable income 🙂

  8. i could play forza all day long

  9. Hey, you changed you look Harvey, I dig it. Are you on Live? Whats your gamertag?

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