Best Overheard Evar.


I was just browsing around on OverheardInNewYork and found the best dialog ever. To set the scene, this was overheard at a coffee shop Scrabble party at 34th and 2nd.

Chick #1: What’s that? ‘Smegma’? That’s not a word.
Guy #1: Of course it’s a word.
Chick #1: Bullshit. What does it mean?
Guy #1: Haven’t you ever heard of dick cheese?
Chick #1: Get the fuck out of here.
Chick #2: It’s crud that grows under men’s foreskins.
Guy #2: You must date all Jewish guys.
Chick #2: Or Muslims.
Chick #1: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Guy #1: Don’t you inspect a cock before you put it in your mouth?
Chick #1: I don’t put cocks in my mouth.
Guy #2: Which explains why she’s here playing Scrabble on a Saturday night.
Guy #1: You don’t give blow jobs? Honestly?
Chick #1: No.
Guy #2: Why not? You’re an attractive adult woman.
Chick #1: I think it’s gross.
Guy #1: Maybe she tried it once and the guy had smegma.
Chick #2, taking hand of Chick #1: Come with me and I’ll explain. [They leave the room, and Chick #2 comes back alone minutes later] Let’s go. She doesn’t feel like playing any more.
Guy #2: First no blow jobs, now no Scrabble. She’s really painting herself into a corner.
Guy #1: Before we get lost in all these other issues, I get 42 points for ‘smegma.’

~ by skipjenkins on June 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “Best Overheard Evar.”

  1. Heh, I’ve had a read on there before and there are some great overheard quotes. I don’t quite understand why Chick #1 didn’t want to play anymore though, it would be interesting to know just what Chick #2 said to her!


  2. Seriously! Thats what I wanted to know! I like to think that chick #2 was taking Chick #1 to watch a porn so she can learn some techniques.
    That would be the hottest scenario.

  3. Maybe Chick #2 confirmed to #1 what Guy #2 said (that she won’t get a man without doing the ol’ BJ). I mean if she’s having a scrabble party (on a saturday no less) she is in dire straits (and I don’t mean the band). She better do something to bring all the boys to the yard.

  4. hahahah…thats too funny

  5. Holy shit, this is too funny!

    That’s too perfect to be real. Sounds like a scene from Coupling

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