Marry, Bang, Kill #3

I’m going back to the old school this time. The theme is… Saved by the Bell.

Yes, all three of these girls made appearances in ‘The Bell.

deniserichards.jpg leahremini.jpg bridgettewilson.jpg

Denise Richards – Leah Remini – Bridgette Wilson

~ by skipjenkins on June 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “Marry, Bang, Kill #3”

  1. Ah, forgot about this…

    Marry: Denise Richards, Bang: Bridgette Wilson, Kill: Leah Remini.

    Denise Richards because I’ve pretty much always fancied her, Bridgette Wilson because she’s hotter than Leah Remini.

  2. Veronica Vaughn, so hot. Want to touch the heiny.

  3. Marry Leah Remini (she’s got something that makes her kinda hot…more “research” is needed to find out what exactly that is). Bang: Bridgette Wilson (I have no idea who she is but she seems pretty hot). Kill Denise Richards (Come on Ritche Sambora…that’s some questionable taste Denise) you scream poor choices and STDs girl.

  4. marry/bang/kill

    a couple months ago the order would have been

    but i found out leah is a scientologist i think…

    so its now richards/wilson/leah…

    but i dont really care what “religion” you are…plus leah got HUGE lately…

  5. So catholic school girls are cool, as long as they arent a fatty?


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