First iPhone sighting?

This picture was taken by ChasingFun on the Caltrain out of San Fransisco. The lucky bastard (edit: I have heard that the bastard in question has been identified as Apple UI guru Mike Matas) with the iPhone is probably an Apple employee, as the company’s ban on employee’s taking the iPhone out in public was just lifted.


What are you thoughts on the iPhone, do you think it’s the best thing since the iPod or a desparate move on Apple’s part to get their testicles tentacles into your wallet any way they can?

Are you going to buy one?

~ by skipjenkins on June 15, 2007.

14 Responses to “First iPhone sighting?”

  1. I want them to release a new iPod and a new OS. That’s what they do best and they’ve done neither in the last two years. I know they switched to Intel and released some new machines, but delaying an OS because of a phone sucks. So, no, I’m not interested in the iPhone and I hope it dies soon so they can focus on what’s important.

  2. Yeah, I always get the cheapest phone I can, only because I seem to be kinda rough on phones. I’m with you on the OS thing, I would get alot more out of a new OS than the iPhone.

    what do you think they should put in a new iPod, what else could they shove in there?

  3. I’d like to see a new iPod with a wide screen like the iPhone. Also, I might be interested in one that’s exactly like the iPhone without the phone capabilities.

  4. Yeah! An iPhone, without the phone capabilities that had 802.11 built in. Kinda like ultra-portable tablet. You’re onto something.

    I would pay 600 for that.

  5. I think iphone is overprices (999.99) without contract, lacking in a proper interface (which is supposedly Apple’s bread and butter) i.e. the virtual keyboard is having some problems and a portable aftermarket solution is needed and most importantly lacking a stylus (so using your finger is gonna scratch/ smudge up that phone pretty quickly). Not only all of that it’s running EDGE which means no 3G (which is completly stupid for a smart phone) data…you might as well call it the iSlow, iOverpirced, and iUseless.

  6. 999.99?!? Oh, thats right, you use Canadian Drakhma or whatever it is you kids in “America to the North” use.

    They have announced that the screen is some sort of glass alloy (I didnt even know they could do that) so it is supposedly much more damage resistant.

    For those that don’t know in the crown, why is 3G superior to EDGE?

  7. Nahh man did I forget to say that it isn’t gonna be released in the Canada so that figure is pure USDA certified greenbacks baby. And ya okay if there new fancy screen works it will be scratch resistant but i gurantee it won’t be smudge resistant. The natural oils your fingers produce will muck up that screen for sure. 3G just means faster data speed which is important for you know, connecting to the interwebs, sending emails, loading websites (like this one here, by the way can I load this one on my cell, using that fancy google maps they were showing and anything else web related.

  8. I was pretty sure it’s selling for 699, though thats not a whole lot better.

    What kind of cell are you using now?

  9. Ya it’s 699.99 with the contract discount …its 999.99 without (as most providers discount the phones to get you to sign a contract). I didn’t make that figure up as it was reported in engadget mobile I believe. Never mind about the phone thing I got loaded on the ol cell and bookmarked…expect more comments from the MMD

  10. Hey, I would never question the MMD! I was just confused. It happens alot.

    The MMD is definately welcome here anytime. 🙂

  11. I just mentioned it so you could check it out for yourself. Actually if you put in no contract price into google you get tons of results.

  12. Ya I got a hacked version of mobile Opera (already obsolete with the new beta) on my new HTC P4000 aka Tytn, aka sprint mogul, aka Orange SPV… It’s the same phone in 7 version (even a japanese one on softbank) and yet there are still no phone acessories for it being made by third parties. At this point i’ll take a Doremon phone strap as progress.

  13. I work for AT&T and I won’t buy an iPhone. I agree with the one reader above, come out with a widescreen iPod using the touch screen and I am all over it. I already have a phone and a 30G iPod, why would I spend $500 to get both combined, that holds less music?

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