Marry, Bang, Kill #2

The theme this time is the girls of Firefly! You know how the game works, pick one woman to marry, one woman to have sex with for one night and one woman that you have to kill.

Jewel Staite5pixel.gif5pixel.gif5pixel.gif5pixel.gifMorena Baccarin5pixel.gif5pixel.gif5pixel.gif5pixel.gif5pixel.gifGina Torres


Gentlemen (and ladies), make your decisions and leave a comment with your choices!

~ by skipjenkins on May 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “Marry, Bang, Kill #2”

  1. Wow! how does one gauge his response. Im gonna need more time.

  2. This is tough…

    Marry – Morena
    Sex – Gina
    Kill – Jewel

    Gina would be wild in the sack, and Morena is just gorgeous. Jewel is hot as well, but something tells me she would not be worth the effort.

  3. @ SonOfIllFate – Your time is up, make your choices.

    @ Slinger – I think you got it backwards my man. Morena has been trained to pleasure men. I’m definitely going to bang the pleasure professional. Gina just punks around Steve the pirate way too much, so I’m gonna have to cap her ass. Jewel? now theres a girl that can rebuild spaceship engines and get all freaky on them later. Marriage material.

    Also @ Slinger. I dig your blog man, I linked to you.

  4. Skip – yeah I had to think hard about this one, because they were both hot, so it was hard. And You are right, Morena was trained to do just that, pleasure me, so I shoul dhave changed those 2 around.

    I will link you as well, I like this site. I found you by searching on some LOST pictures on google.

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