An open letter

This is an open letter to my feet.

You guys fucking suck at soccer. Stop kicking the ball into our own fucking goal.  You have done this three out of the last five games we’ve played, and it’s getting pretty damn old.

Pass this message along to my shoes if they had anything to do with this mutiny.

Do this one more time and I am skewering you with a hot poker.

~ by skipjenkins on May 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “An open letter”

  1. I think your feet are sexy skip!Please dont ruin your only good feature with a hot poker

  2. Well, if you wouldnt always wear the same socks two weeks in a row, we might be more inclined to help you out. I mean come on , work with us here..were just trying to make you lose faster so you get off the field and get us out of that disgusting, sweaty cloth. jeez

  3. @son of ill fate – remarkable! I think this may the first comment from the son of ill fate!

    @feet – You know my sock policy. New socks every half.

  4. Or so you would have your readers believe…

  5. Muscle Gain Truth

    Muscle Gain Truth

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