I’ve never even watched an HD-DVD

I don’t have any HD-DVDs or software or hardware HD-DVD players.

I don’t have any rips of HD-DVD content on any machine or drive I own or use.

I don’t have any software or hardware that is used in pirating HD-DVD content.

I have absolutely no intent of pirating HD-DVD content (or current gen DVD content for that matter).

That said, the AACS has really gotten a bit too big for it’s britches and I think the current fight between Digg/Kevin Rose and the AACS is one of those things that is going to set a precedent for how we use and view data. It’s (IMHO) about encryption. It’s about whether we have a right to use the most basic mathematical building blocks, numbers, in any form we want. The 32-bit number in question does not, in and of itself, break any law regarding the dissemination of material.

To make a long story short, my feelings on the subject are thus.

Eat my anus AACS.


~ by skipjenkins on May 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “I’ve never even watched an HD-DVD”

  1. lawsuit 🙂


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