Futurama in the Flesh


I ran across this photo on 4chan and got to wondering why I never see any cosplay other than anime related cosplay. It seems to me that there are all sorts of great non-Japanese influences that pasty white folks could use to embarass themselves.

So I did some research. It seems that there are many more people making fools of themselves in Futurama costumes.

Pictures of those people under the cut.

zoidleelabender1.jpg amyzapfryleela1.jpg fryzoidandleela1.jpg

Incidentally, only 19 days and 11 hours until Fanime.

~ by skipjenkins on May 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Futurama in the Flesh”

  1. they’re doing it wrong

  2. Why? How do you do it?

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