To the big screen the childe Roland came

I will always remember when I finished the final Dark Tower book. I was on the beach in Hawaii on my honeymoon, and at the time it seemed like I was never to visit with Roland or his ka-tet again.

Since then, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born has surfaced, and even though I was sure any comic adaptation would crash to the ground in a flaming ball of suckfest, the boys over at Marvel have done a wonderful job. Jae Lee‘s pencilling is superb, and the storyline gives us a visual, viceral indulgence into Roland’s character.

Needless to say I’m having a bit of mixed emotions over the recent announcement that the Dark Tower series is going to make a move to the big screen. With a few notable exceptions, most Stephen King movie adaptations are (at best) B-rate pulp horror, not that theres anything wrong with such films, I was one of the Outer Limits generation.

However the Dark Tower deserves a truly epic treatment.

Attached to the project to produce and direct is JJ Abrams, probably best known for his creation of one of my personal favorites, Lost. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, writers as well as co-executive producers of Lost have reportedly optioned the rights to the film adaptation from Stephen King for the price of 19 dollars. Which, if you have read the books, is a wonderful price.

Only to be surpassed, perhaps, by 108 dollars.

~ by skipjenkins on May 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “To the big screen the childe Roland came”

  1. link me whatever solid info you have on this please, maybe I missed the one in your post. All Ive seen about this was something on digg over a month ago (star trek fanboys pissed because JJ Abrams MIGHT be doing this instead of a Star Trek movie)


    I can find more probably. The /film link seems to be the more reliable I guess, but it’s the internet, no one is reliable on the internet, you know this.

  3. There is the 2nd part of a comic-con interview in the back of the forth issue of The Dark Tower:Gunslinger Born comics where he also confirms that this is in the works, just saw it the other day. You bought it, right?

  4. Indeed I did. In fact I just finished it. Great shit.

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