It’s amazing what’s legal in Germany.


According to Babel, it says

“I drink Jagermeister, because mine. Dealer at present in the Knast sits. Jagermeister. A Fur everything”

I wonder if Babel translated it wrong or if it’s incomprehensible because the little aryan girl is trashed?

~ by skipjenkins on April 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “It’s amazing what’s legal in Germany.”

  1. I think you shouldn’t trust Babel 🙂

    I don’t speak german very well but I believe this means “I drink Jagermeister because my dealer is in jail for a while” Jagermeister one for all

    But this isn’t a real commercial?

  2. I thought that Babel was smoking a bit of crack before that translation!

    Thanks Pattern!

  3. This’ll seem strange, but I just did a search for “jagermeister girl” “knast” and this was one of the few English speaking sites that came up. I have this original picture (well, a replica of it) on my wall that my husband and I bought from a German market. It made us larf. And we do like our Jagerbombs. We also think I’m the spitting image of the girl in the pic – or I was at that age, around eight – and it would be interesting to see if we can figure out what she does now (a bad soap opera actress?!) and if we still look freakishly similar… probably not. Any ideas, or was this a completely random find of yours on the web?>!

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