Gears of War


I bought Gears of War the same day I bought my 360, because everyone said it was such a great game and the HDR lighting was amazing and it had innovative gameplay the likes of which have not been seen since Goldeneye.

So I setup my new 360 and booted it up and configured it and networked it with all reverence due to such a piece of hardware, and at long last I put in GOW.

Maybe it’s just that I suck at FPS’s (which I do), but I could’nt get past the first stage for the life of me. I was stuck in that fucking courtyard for hours.

I know now (thanks to the merciless ridicule of my uber FPS buddy Wilhelm) that GOW is not the type of game where one can run headlong into the room blasting wildly.

Fast forward 6 months to today.

A lazy saturday, I clean house a bit, do the dishes and feel like wasting pretty much the rest of the day gaming. I decide to give GOW another run and Christ am I glad I did.

I just finished the first chapter and now I’m going through the stage where you have to ignite the propane tanks to create light so those razor-bat things dont skeletonize you.

I could blind fire shotguns around corners all night long. 🙂

edit: I’m not at the part where youre going through that drunk guy’s house to get to the vehicle you need to fuel. Addiction is a wonderful thing. 

~ by skipjenkins on April 28, 2007.

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