The Great mp3 slaughter of 2007


I’m going through my mp3s and trying to cut out anything that I wouldnt really listen to if it came up in rotation if I was driving around. I’m a data packrat so I cant really bring myself to actually delete any files (hard drives are so cheap!), but I’m removing their check mark (effectively turning them into second class citizens) 🙂 and not copying any tracks without a check mark to my iPod, which is really where I listen to music from anyways.

It’s rapidly turning into a larger job then I could ever have imagined. I can easily see this becoming a month long project.

Anyone got any tips or tricks they use to keep their mp3s organized?

~ by skipjenkins on April 25, 2007.

12 Responses to “The Great mp3 slaughter of 2007”

  1. Suprises me that you took Billy Idol off the “rotation” and morrowind_title even more so

    Used to be that You could never take a ride in Skip’s car without listening to some Billy Idol

  2. Oh my gawd your right! I need to go back and fix that..good thing I didnt sync my Ipod yet! Without my Billy on the drive home I’d have uncontrollable roadrage and who knows what would happen..

  3. Since I’m such a good friend, If I have to I will go to your house and burn you up a Billy Idol CD real quick and then deliver it to your work..let me know man

  4. No I’m good, thanks man. I panicked for a second but a quick check of the Ipod revealed that I still have all B.I. albums present and accounted for as well as all the bootlegs and rare tracks.
    /wipes the sweat off forehead..

  5. ………..

  6. ?

  7. So are you still going to be B.I. for halloween?
    Just like last year, and the year before…and the year before that?

  8. Not sure…I was thinking about dressing up as Princess Leah in that gold bikini…and then my wife could be Luke Skywalker!!

    But ya, If someone else was B.I. instead I’d be jealous.

  9. Uh…I’ll be returning that sticker…

  10. Wow Will. I cant believe your bosses paid you to write that, lol.

    Thanks for reading though man.

  11. Advice on organizing your MP3s?????……. how bout using iTunes?? It’s free and easy to use, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

  12. Wow Basilio, that may be the best advice I’ve ever heard. You must be a genius or something!

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