I think this was probably the easter egg of the season. On the desk of the monk who ‘fired’ Desmond was a photo. The woman on the right was the crazy old white haired woman Ms. Hawkings that sold Desmond the ring and broke down all the cyclical time stuff.

I figure that pretty much has to be irrefutable evidence that there are forces at  work pushing Desmond down a specific path.

God I love this show.

~ by skipjenkins on April 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Catch-22”

  1. Argh! Damn that Tag Surfer and the posts it brings up with people talking about Lost. 😦
    It’s not shown in the UK until Sunday, although quite a few people ‘obtain’ it in other ways, but even in those x hours until it’s available, I try to avoid reading about it.

    So, if that’s not Penny, who is she? 😮

  2. I didnt know you were from the UK.

    Did you see the episode? I dont want to spoil it if you didnt.

  3. No problem, you were just one of a few others that post about the latest episodes and I have a habit of reading the Tag Surfer a lot to find out what other people are blogging and have to skip past those posts that appear there. 🙂

    I hardly watch TV except for Bones and Cold Case, most of my ‘TV’ is watched on the computer. 😉

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